How We Work

We are a fully customizable youth development program that is meant to support the needs of the educators, the students, the filmmakers, and the industry itself.

For Educators

As we collaborate with the students in the classroom, we integrate our cinema curriculum to support the educators in accomplishing their daily lessons. The creative projects should be accomplished during the assigned time for the program, however we strive to help develop educators, through our media professional development courses,  to ultimately become autonomous at this work.

For Students

We pair students with creative professionals that meet the students’ specific needs on their level while our curriculum is calibrated to encourage opportunities for the teachers to identify the unique talents and skills of their students. In helping students develop the technical skills that are necessary to tell their story, they are then able to take and implement these 21st century skills outside the classroom.

For Filmmakers

We provide professional development for our collaborating filmmakers to understand the educational pedagogy, strategies for collaborating with teachers, and how to help students learn the complex information required to create a film project.

Additionally filmmakers can connect with a pool of up and coming talent and industry network, supporting them in their own projects and career development.

For Industry

One of our goals is to foster the development of young filmmakers to provide a pool of qualified creatives and entrepreneurs that have experiences and skills that can serve the needs of the industry and take it to new heights.These skill sets encompass both soft and technical skills that invite innovative thinking and execution that all industries need.

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